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Hydra Balance Lotion
An extra rich Body Lotion, specially formulated to contain the highest percentage of genuine Dead Sea Minerals and the innovative algae Dunaliella to irrigate your skin with the natural humectants needed to combat dehydration, signs of ageing, stretch marks and blocked pores. It is easily absorbed, leaving your skin silky and soft with renewed elasticity and special refreshing fragrance.
Mineral Foot Cream

The BLUE Foot Cream contains the unique minerals from the Dead Sea. It has a light texture, and it is easily absorbed. It moisturizes dry and cracked skin and avoid unpleasant odor. Leaves the foot soft supple and relaxed.

Correction Hand Cream

A newly developed advanced Hand Cream enriched with proteins and lipids, counteracts the effect of excess Melanin - the main cause of brown spots and uneven skin texture. This unique hand cream helps protecting the hands from appearance of brown spots and from sun beams as well as environmental damages.

Velvet Cream
This Protective Cream, with original Dead Sea minerals, helps stimulate the re-hydration process of the skin and helps delaying the appearance of ageing signs. The rich plant extracts with the bees wax and allantoin create a protective layer and leave your hands and cuticles silky smooth and supple. It is a lightly fragranced, non-greasy cream to pamper your hands with.
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