Q: What are Dead Sea Salts and Mud are used for?
A: The salts are used for treatment of skin disorders such as alleviation of psoriatic skin, eczema and peel-offs on the skin (dandruff on scalp and body).The salts can serve for relaxation through foot-bath, or a full tub of water. It accelerate blood circulation and works directly on the nerve system and when you towel yourself after 20 minutes you feel covered with a pleasant tranquil feeling of tiredness-it will help you to sleep better on that night and calm your body after a tiring day. Mud-is used to treat tensed muscles, painful joints and aching arthritis. It is also known to be a very good absorbent it is the basis for a product that we recommend for treatment against cellulites that contains also special iodine, sea-weeds coffee extract and some other plant extract to support this treatment.    
Q: What is the advantage of using minerals in creams?
A:The minerals are known to be the best vehicle to retain moisture in the skin cells thanks to their hygroscopic characteristics. They stimulate the cells to use their inner source of moisture and thus help to delay the aging of the skin. Since it is known that the Dead Sea minerals are 10 times richer than other minerals they do their "job" much better.
Q: How do we treat oily skin and pimples?
A:We do not recommend applying 100% mud to your face. We recommend to use our delicate Facial Mud Mask that contains 40% mud and 60% "cooked" cream (most of our competitors create a cold mix of mud with clay). It used the mud characteristics of being and efficient absorbent but simultaneously nourish the skin with the necessary nutrients and therefore recommended as a supportive treatment against pimples, saborea and excess oils on the skin. For dry skin apply mask for 5-7 minutes, for Oily skin 10-15 minutes. Then rinse with Luke-warm water and apply moisturizing cream that fits you skin type.    
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