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Facial Purifying Gel, For all Skin Types
An advanced face wash that contains mud from the Dead Sea to allow deep and thorough cleansing of the pores. Removes excess oil make-up and other impurities.


Eye Zone Cleanser, For all Skin Types

Removes all kinds of make-up and gently eliminates skin impurities. Specially formulated to leave your skin prepared for further absorption of facial creams. Enriched with calming plant extracts and suitable for sensitive eyes and users of contact lenses.

Mineral Facial Scrub

This natural exfoliator is specially formulated with dead sea mud and natural scrubbing particles (Apricot seeds) to allow a thorough cleansing of skin pores. It removes dead cells and black dots. It helps rejuvenating the look of the skin and use of day or night cream should follow.

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