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Eye Contour Balm

This advanced Eye Contour Balm contains the unique minerals from the Dead Sea, and in combination with rich Vitamins and Whey Protein, enables thr following actions and benefits: * Helps to soften visible fine lines and wrinkles. * Helps to smooth and firm the delicate skin around the eye. * Helps to minimize puffiness. * Heips to delay future signs of aging. 

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Ultra Humectant Gel

 Advanced Eye Gel, helps to prevent formation of wrinkles and helps to minimize existing fine lines. It enhances skin's natural moisture retention Special effect in reducing puffiness under the eyes. Contains: The bio-combination is composed of the Enzyme Oxide Reductase, Soy Protein, rich Bran extract, Whey Protein Vitamins A,B5, C,E,along with a rich moisturizing base and several Calming & Soothing extracts that are suitable for the delicate, thin Epidermis around the eyes.


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Mineral Serum Gel

This complete revitaliziffg formula cotains innovative ingredients (Whey Protein) and moisturizing agents that help to promote skin firmness and elasticity. It helps tp restore the natural healthy look of the skin. The Serum helps to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, and delays appearance of ageing signs.


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Moisturizing Mask

A rich creamy mask that contains minerals, the Dunaliella sea-weed, natural oils, vitamins and Q 10. Help to soften and smooth appearance of lines. Calms the skin/ Restores the radiance and helps to maintain the skin's look of youthful texture and tone.

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Anti-Stress Mask

5 minutes of moisturizing relaxation for well-rested, fresh supple and luminous skin. Reduce signs of stress. A rich magical texture that becomes iridescent on application. For all skin types.

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Mineral Complex

Specially formulated with dead sea mud and natural scrubbing particles (Apricot seeds) to allow thorough cleansing of skin pores, and helps rejuvenating the look of the skin.

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Facial Mad Mask

This advanced and rich Mud Mask absorbs the excess oils and removes from the skin dead cells and Saborea. It unblocks clogged pores to allow all toxins and bacteria finding their way out. It stimulates the cells to "drink" the natural rich humectants it offers the skin. It Contains also calming plant extracts and it is lightlt scented/

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Cleansing Milk

Arad Cleansing Milk gently eliminates skin impurities and removes make up. Especially formulated to leave your skin orepared for further absorption of facial creams. Enriched with calming plant extract.

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Face Refreshing Toner

Arad Face Refreshing Toner cleanses and refreshes your fatigued skin, removing dead skin cells for healthy radiant look. Enriched with Calming plant extracts such as Aloe Vera and Chamomile.

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Facial Purifying Gel

This Purifying Gel contains the unique mud from the Dead Sea to allow a deep thorough cleansing of the pores. Remove excess oil, make-up and other impurities. Suitable for all skin types.

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Facial Hydro Mousse

Self Hydro Mousse. Rich stable soapless foam for quick and convenient cleansing of face & neck from skin impurities and make-up. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, thanks to its gentle formulation. Contains: Mixture of calming extracts such as Aloe Vera, Chamomile & Bisabolol and Anti - free radicals such as Green Tea Oil and Vitamin E with delicate cleansing materials.

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Moisturizing Day Cream, for Dry and sensitive Skin

Hydrate, Energize and Protect Skin. Advenced moisturizer with genuine Dead Sea Minerals and the innovative algae "Dunaliella". Irrigates the skin with natural humectants and creates natural conditions to balance the level of moisture that is essential to keep the skin looking fresh, refined and luminous.

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Moisturizing Day Cram for normal & Combination Skin
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Nourishing Night Cream

Advanced Nourishing Night Cream with genuine Dead Sea Minerals and the innovative algae "Dunaliella". Helps to stimulate the re-energizing of the skin cells. Restoring its ability to retain the necessary level of moisture, thus delaing the ageing of the skin. The Multi Vitamin compound A,C,E power the antioxidant replenishment of the skin.

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