R & D

  A touch of Progress  When trying to keep up with all the latest development we emphasize efforts on research & development. One of the new discovers in the cosmetics field is the Dunaliella Salina - the survivor sea weed. A microscopic seaweed that grew for thousands of years in a very salty areas, like the Dead Sea.

The Dunaliella ability to survive in this “hostile” area of high saltiness forced it to develop a defense system, that In order to grow in high temperatures it produces naturally high quantity of Beta-Carotene that is well known as an anti-oxidant. The Dunaliella seaweed contains also the Vitamin C and E, amino acids, Fatty Acid Omega 6, as well as lanolin acid that restore the skin elasticity. Proteins are 60 % of the Dunaliella when in dry conditions and they include all the 18 amino acids exist in the nature.



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