Medicinal Minerals

A touch of Science  Minerals are part of the structure of our body's connective and supportive tissues, and are components of our hormones and enzymes, which are responsible for our biochemical life.
Potassium:   improves the flow of nutrients and other minerals through the cell. Magnesium: anti-allergenic; calm the skin; helps in building of skin cells;Increases cell vitality and speeds healing. Sodium: provides energy for cell metabolism and help in the absorption of the other minerals. Chlorine: regulates cell moisture. Calcium: calms and assists with mineral balance. Bromine: helps in the treatment of psychosomatic skin diseases. Iodine:  acts as antiseptic. Hydrogen: helps in the keratinization process. Iron: Oxygen carrier in hemoglobin and myoglobin and co-factor in many enzyme systems.


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