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Many years of intensive Research & Development and close association with the uniqe properties of the Dead Sea Black Mud, we have been able to pour into the Pot and cook the "Ultimate Mask".

This mask is a celebration for your skin, Allowing restoration and rejuvenation to take place in remarkable way. 

The "Ultimate Mask" absorbs the excess oils and removes dead cells and seborrhea from the skin. It unblocks clogged pores and allows toxins and bacteria to removed.

Together with the detoxification process, the "Ultimate Mask" stimulates the cells to drink the natural rich humectants,  helping the skin regain its right moisture balance, natural elasticity and a healthy glowing complexion.


The Dead Sea Minerals help simulate the natural ability of the cells. The Dunaliella Algae - the only surviving Seaweed, is a natual source for the Vitamins A, C, E, B-Carotene and Lanolin. This important ingredients help to restore skin elasticity, supplyvital nutrients and protect against anti oxidants and harmful sunrays.

The Mask contain also calming plant extracts and it is lightly scented.

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